About Us

With over 150 music rehearsal rooms Oakland Music Complex is the largest

music rehearsal facility in the world.

Oakland Music Complex has monthly rehearsal studios that are accessible 24 hours

a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Our facility has free WIFI, surveillance cameras,a loading dock, hand trucks (available to all), a

freight elevator and a safe environment so you can rehearse as loud as you want.

Call us to schedule a free tour today! 510.406.9697



Special Note:: The studios at The Oakland Music Complex are for Live Performing Bands ONLY!

We DO NOT accommodate recording studios, production studios or post production studios. Thank you.


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Looking to SHARE A STUDIO with another band? Click this link and when a tenant needs to share their studio, we will pass along your email to them and let them know you want to share.